We are Bubble Custom Boards, a custom workshop producing boards shaped and tested in Fuerteventura. Our objective? To design 100% made-to-measure boards for all our clients.


An extensive range of cutting edge lightweight materials are employed in the production of all our windsurf, surf and SUP boards including PVC, EPS, and carbon, glass, aramid and synthetic fibres. These are incorporated with epoxy, polyester and polyurethane resins and PU foam etc.
In combining these various materials we use vacuum technology and resin infusion and these techniques enable us to offer an infinite choice of material combinations in the production of your board

Standard construction

Due to the quality of modern day materials it is possible nowadays to manufacture extremely light boards which are simultaneously very strong and also impact-resistant. We at Bubble have developed a method of construction which we call Standard Construction.
This construction is the result of years of development and experience and is the most basic construction in terms of material/quality/price that we offer in our board range.
Although it is always possible to lower the cost of custom boards, we at Bubble are not willing to offer anything less than this high level of construction as we feel that it would compromise the quality of the product.
Similarly, it is also possible to double the price of a board by means of the materials used, or incrementally increase the price by adding a certain percentage of other materials to the standard construction.

Pro Construction

What this basically means is that with our custom boards, not only is the shape tailor-made to the individual, but the construction can also be specifically adapted to the clients’ requirements. We can and, indeed, we have built 84l boards at only 4.7kg and also indestructible 78l boards at 6.6kg
Because our construction options can be chosen "a la carte" we have a huge variety of boards available in terms of construction/weight/price ratio. Our philosophy is to produce 100% custom boards in every sense of the word, according to the needs of our customers.

Elite Pro Construction

For the most demanding of customers we have introduced a new construction option - the Elite Pro.
In the Elite Pro construction we use the lightest materials on the market such as Kevlar, biaxial carbon and innegra in order to achieve an incredibly lightweight board with an unbeatable weight/resistance/durability ratio.
This method of construction has a considerable weight advantage over both the Standard and Pro.


Another, or perhaps even the most, important reason for custom boards is to have a shape designed for each individual. Far from the great influence and trends caused by the marketing strategies of the big companies, we are devoted to creating boards which are 100% designed with the customers’ needs in mind. This means that we have no templates or stock shapes, but that each board is adapted to the specific demands of the client, right down to millimetre changes in rocker lines, rail shapes, bottom shapes and so on.

The Bubble system

We make boards for all types of conditions from flatwater freeride boards to dedicated wave boards designed for radical turns in side-off waveriding conditions. The process when a client orders a 100% custom board is the following:

-Firstly we establish, together with the client, exactly what will be expected of the board, which aspects of performance the client would like to be improved upon compared to its predecessor.

-If the previous board was a Bubble then this part of the process is made easy for us as we draw on our experience and constant testing to improve on the points required by looking at the measurements of the old board and introducing some of our more recent design developments (we keep a meticulous record of every board made here at Bubble so we can look at the previous shape in infinite detail and therefore find ways to streamline its performance).

-If this is not the case, then we have a range of test boards which the client can then try and we work from there.

-If this is not possible for whatever reason then we work with the client to assess the exact properties required from the board.

-We are very experienced in this area of customer relation, it being essential in the production of a suitable 100% custom board.

-We are fully aware that one board can never suit every sailor as the performance expected from a board is wholly dependent on sailor ability, weight, style of sailing, prevailing conditions and many other factors.

-We always give a shape guarantee with our boards, that is to say if we make a board which does not achieve the parameters set by the client then we assume responsibility and will do our best to rectify the situation by one means or another. This is what we believe to be the essence of a true custom board and is 100% our philosophy here at Bubble Custom Boards.